Going Green

Our Teak Products are Truly Green!


Green Furniture - Teak and Petrified Wood FurnitureHundreds of years ago the Dutch Trading Company brought the teak trees to Indonesia from Burma and Thailand. This began a process of planting and cultivating teak forest to serve the great demand for this remarkable wood. The teak production is strongly managed and controlled by the Indonesian government. Each year more trees are planted than are cut, insuring there will always be enough teak. Today Indonesia is one of the largest producers of teak in the world.

Over many years of harvesting the teak trees, the stumps, roots and limbs were left behind as waste. A common practice was to try to burn these stumps, to clear the land, to make more room to plant more teak trees. Gas and diesel fuel was poured on the stumps and set on fire. It was discovered that the teak wood would not burn very well, usually only charring the wood where the burning fuel made contact. Our furniture often shows these burn marks. We feel that these blackened areas are part of the unique story of our products.

The stumps and roots are dug up by nand and dragged out of the forest with a team of oxen. The stumps are then transported to the plant where they are washed, cleaned and left to dry for months. Then each individual stump is carefully studied each individual stump to decide what can be made from it. Whether it be a bench, a chair, a t able, or even a magnificent carved eagle, each piece is truly unique.

Our furniture is truly Green! It is made from forgotten waste and made beautiful and useful again!